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November 21 2010


April 23 2010

Did I ever tell you about my favorite game of these months? It's called ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK and is without a doubt the origin of my recent obsession for those amazing rainbow horses. 

In this crazy flash game, you control, well, a robot unicorn (?!) in a purple landscape which seems designed by the Care Bears team. 

Using just two keys, "Z" to jump (or double-jump) and "X" to trigger the special "Rainbow attack" you have to "make your wishes come true", or more exactly to SURVIVE for as long as possible, while your maniac unicorn is running like hell and can, at any time, miss a platform, crash into a wall or - we're in the Care Bears universe after all- into a gigantic crystal star that blocks your way. 

Each seconds, the games speeds up, and the difficulty increases. After 5 000 points, robotic dolphins come from nowhere to support you. 

After 3 wishes (attempts) you'll be addicted and will need to try again. Seriously. And you'll be just like me, mesmerized by rainbow colors. 

Oh, and did I tell you anything about the background music? No ? Well, you'll really have to switch you sound ON and to be ready to hear an unforgettable song (Seriously, you'll even think about suicide when you'll notice that you can't forget it and that you are even singing it loud on the streets...)

"And live in harmony, harmony, Oh Love!"

April 21 2010

Just discovered this game called MIAMI SHARK

Enjoy controlling your own white shark and bite as many things as you can : Swans, boats, people, copters... and even jetliners ! 

Tags: Game WTF
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